1. A Single Step

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A Single Step

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Each and every morning before I get out of bed
I take a moment to pray
For strength and peace and serenity
In the coming day
I don't know sometimes how I'm gonna make it through the tribulations coming my way
But every morning I grab the bull by the horns and I step up to face the day
With a single step
in the morning
taking me where need to be
with just a single step
I'll be on my way making my own new destiny
I've been down so many roads in my life
but not a straight one in sight
I've taken every wrong turn in every wrong direction
Just about every night
Well I don't know it all
but I've learned a thing or two in my time
And if you don't want to be somewhere you just don't go there
You've got to draw the line
With a single step
in the morning
taking you where you need to be
just a single step and you'll be on your way
making your own new destiny

where am I going, when I'm gone?
Where am I moving to, after I moved on?with a single step
on my journey into the vast infinity